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My ideal client


Often enough, in order to start a collaboration, we translators are asked to satisfy a series of requests regarding, for example, specific training, prompt replies, precision, our command of lexicon and syntax, respect for delivery deadlines, availability, affordable rates, and so on.


But even translators have a say when negotiating a collaboration with a potential client.

These are the aspects that I appreciate the most in a client:

  • A gentle tone. I love speaking kindly to people and I would like to be treated in the same way, even when discussing problems, errors or misunderstandings.

  • Direct contact. I am more likely to work with a client who contacts me directly, via e-mail or telephone, rather than receiving assignments through portals or mailing lists, in a process where the quickest person to accept the assignment, wins.

  • A trusting rapport. I love creating a mutual trusting relationship with my client, where the terms are clear from the beginning and the collaboration is on-going because the client decides to entrust me with their work knowing that I won’t let them down.

  • Human connection. I like to get involved with people, and knowing what they look like or sound like makes the rapport more genuine and true. I love talking to my clients over the phone or getting to know them in person. Perhaps it is asking too much in a world that is virtual and under time pressure, but I firmly believe that having this opportunity makes my work more pleasant and meaningful.

  • Clarity and directness. Terms and conditions need to be defined between the parties before starting the work; this conveys peace of mind and trust to both.

  • Revision. I am human and can make mistakes, two pairs of eyes are always better than one and it is very important for me to receive feedback. I truly appreciate it when a client has my texts reviewed, because both our reputations are at stake once the translation reaches the final client, besides being an opportunity for improvement on my part.

  • Acknowledgement of the value of my work. It is important to me to see that the value of my work is recognized by the client, who is willing to pay the right price for the professional service received and allows reasonable delivery times in order for me to provide a quality product.

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